Rent – Deposit - eFaktura
SiÅs does not require a deposit. Rent is invoiced in advance and must be paid by the 1st of each month. The rent invoice is published on YourPage at unialltid. The first invoice is normally calculated after you have moved in, and may therefore have a different payment deadline. When paying via online banking in a Norwegian bank, we recommend that you approve eFaktura - then you can also pay with vipps.

Reminder, debt collection and deviation
Failure to pay rent entails a reminder and collection notice before the case is sent to a debt collection agency. This entails fees and interest that are charged to the tenant in full. In the event of a deviation, a court fee is paid in addition to the fees demanded by the bailiff.

Right to cancel                                                                                                                                                        See tenancy contract. Right of withdrawal when signing a lease is determined by the Right to cancellation Act. If you ask to move in before the right of withdrawal has expired, you must sign and acknowledge that the right of withdrawal will be lost, cf. Right of Cancellation Act § 19 and § 22.

A fixed amount is paid per month for energy consumption, see invoice for rent. The fixed amount is estimated based on the energy cost that SiÅs has per year. If the actual energy cost deviates significantly from the estimate, SiÅs has the right to adjust the fixed amount so that the costs are covered in the current rental period. SiÅs encourages all tenants to use electricity sensibly, to avoid additional bills.

Termination of contract
Rcf. § 4(4) of the contract. The standard contract is time-limited with a defined expiry date. It is not necessary to terminate the contract in relation to ordinary relocation within SiÅs. The tenancy is irrevocable in the period 01.07-31.12. If you plan to move on 31 December, the contract must be terminated before September 30. Contracts with an expiry date beyond December 31 can be terminated with three months' notice from the 15th or last day of the month. The tenant cannot expect to have a shortened notice period unless SiÅs has a queue of students who need student housing at the time. The contract can be terminated on YourPage on unialltid.

Relocation must take place before kl. 12:00pm on the same day as the contract expires. Tenants who do not move out in accordance with contract, will be required to pay rent for extra residence until the key is delivered. Please see contract.

Before moving out, room/apartment and common area must be cleaned. Please arrange a cleaning check at: no later than 1 week before moving out. Remember to bring all private items and empty your storage.

If you have made an agreement with the new tenant regarding the transfer of private furniture, these must be clearly marked when they are left in the room/storage. LABELING: LET IT BE - AGREEMENT WITH NEW TENANT!Items left and NOT marked will be thrown away and you will receive an invoice for additional work.

Please make sure that house rent are paid before you move.

If you move outside our opening hours you must deliver the key in the letter opening in the backdoor of SiÅs Bolig/Boksmia .

7 days before moving out, you will receive a Checklist for moving out. Please fill, so that SiÅ's Maintenance can correct any errors/shortcomings before a new student moves in.

If you are going to change accommodation, it is important that you change on the same day as the new contract starts - as there is often a new student moving into your old accommodation the following day.

Parking at the student housing

Please see here

Bike parking
We ask that the spaces marked for bicycle parking is used.

Rent storage
Tenants in Skogveien who do not have a storage room in connection with the apartment/room can rent this for NOK 100 per month. If all the storage rooms are occupied, you can put your name on the waiting list . Send email to

It is not permitted to keep pets (cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc.) in the student accommodation. Applications for keeping dogs are processed by the Rental Department:

Permission to keep a dog can be granted in the following places:

  • Skogveien 20 and 26 - one dog in each apartment.
  • Kajaveien 15D - one dog in each apartment.
  • Fougnerbakken 19 - two dogs in the house
  • Kajaveien 18 - two dogs in the house
  • Kaja student housing - two dogs in the house
  • Pentagon: Arken 101-106 and 107-112, Børsen 001-006 and 007-012, Casino 001-006, Hemsen 001-006, Grotten 001-006, Inferno 001-006, Jubilo 001-006, Løa 001-006, 013-018 and 119-124. In couple flats: Løa 108, 110, 112 and Kringla 114, 116, 118, 126, 128 and 130. Two dogs are allowed in each apartment and one dog in each couple flat. 

Checklist for moving in
The tenant must fill a checklist for moving in no later than 1 week after moving in. The checklist is available on YourPage on unialltid. If you cannot find the checklist, contact

Checklist for moving out
The tenant must fill in a checklist for relocation no later than the day before planned relocation. The checklist is available on YourPage on unialltid. If you cannot find the checklist, contact

SiÅs conducts cleaning inspections of the common areas in shared housing in September, November, January and April. In the event of inadequate cleaning, both during the period of residence and in the event of relocation, a cleaning fee will be charged. Relocation check is booked 1 week before departure. Please send an e-mail to: Rooms and common areas must be cleaned - do not forget cabinets, appliances and storage. Please see guidance.


  • Loss of key - housing: NOK 500, -

  • Loss of key - mailbox: NOK 500, -

  • Cleaning, single room: min. kr. 2000, -

  • Cleaning, apartment: min. 5000, -

  • Cleaning, common area: min. kr. 2000, - pr. pers.

  • Dog: kr. 150, - pr. month

  • Switching room fee: NOK 500, -

  • Reassembly of fire detectors, etc : NOK 1000,-

  • Emptying the storage room when moved: NOK 1000,-

  • Lock-in: Husmann - NOK 500,- // Securitas - own rate

  • Unnecessary fire emergency: NOK 5000 ,-

Smoking and illegal drugs
Smoking is not permitted in SiÅs housing, neither in rooms, in apartments nor in common areas including verandas. Use, storage or sale of narcotic drugs is not accepted in or in connection with buildings SiÅs own or use. Violation of this provides grounds for termination of the contract and will be reported to the police.

Fire alarm system
The tenant is obliged to familiarize himself with fire-fighting and warning equipment in the housing. The alarm systems in Palisaden and the Skogveien are directly connected to the fire department. Alarms that are triggered by cooking etc. must be switched off immediately in the fire boards in the entrance areas. Emergency services due to false alarms are will be invoiced to the tenant according to the fire service's rates, minimum NOK 5,000

It is forbidden to dismantle any parts of the fire alarm system. Unregulated dismantling is considered as vandalism and can have consequences for the tenancy.

Duty to notify - damages, errors, deficiencies

  • Damages that can result in serious negative consequences for the building, housing unit or house quality must be reported to SiÅs immediately.

  • The tenant is obliged to limit damage in order to prevent further damage and financial loss.

  • If there is a risk that pests (bed bugs, cockroaches, etc.) accompany your luggage or furniture, you are obliged to have the assets frozen at SiÅs before moving in. Lack of control and prevention can lead to claims for compensation from SiÅs.

  • Other errors/defects are reported to SiÅs via Janitor - YourPage/unialltid.

Notification routines - Caretaker services - errors/deficiencies in housing

Errors/deficiencies in student housing and in common areas are reported to the caretaker at YourPage/unialltid.

You will receive an update at unialltid on how your case is progressing:

  • ongoing (the case has started and the caretaker will normally come during the day)
  • possible new comment from caretaker (waiting for others/postponed)
  • finished

When the caretaker makes a comment, you will be notified of this by SMS: "The caretaker has added a new comment to your notice at unialltid. mvh SiÅs Bolig"

If you report a case in the common area, only you will receive feedback from the caretaker - not the entire collective. If the others in the collective are to be notified, you must notify yourself via chat or the like.

Remember that the caretaker ALWAYS locks the door after completing a job - bring your key!

SiÅs Bolig, housing office, is responsible for notifying tenants when SiÅs or others are to lock themselves in and carry out work in the student housing. The information must include what is to happen, date/time and who is responsible from SiÅs.

Minor work will be notified at least one working day in advance.

Major work will be notified in good time, i.e. approximately one month before commencement. Prior to commencement, notification must be given again in terms of the progress plan in a way that the tenants can relate to. Efforts must be made that the tenant, as a minimum, knows on which day the relevant dwelling will be affected by the measure.

Notification type

  • Minor work and work to be carried out at short notice are notified via SMS

  • Major/planned work are notified by e-mail, followed by an SMS where the student is made aware that the e-mail has been sent. A new notification will be sent with a detailed plan for the date/job when this is ready

  • Battery replacement in locks is notified by SMS the same day. Caretaker locks the door after changing the battery. If you haven't brought a key with you, call SiÅs Bolig and make an appointment: 64966300

SiÅs does not give notice for minor work/maintenance to be carried out in common areas and common installations (living rooms, kitchens and shared bathrooms in collectives/ stairwells and lifts/ laundries/ computer rooms and fuse cabinets/ ventilation/ intercom and entrance doors with locks/ storage)


Semester fee
All tenants in SiÅs student housing are obliged to pay semester fee each semester. Tenants who do not pay semester fee must expect a 10% surcharge on the rent.