(Put forward by the SiÅs board 18.12.2023 and confirmed 12.01.2024)

The regulations for student housing are part of the SiÅs housing lease


1. Powers of attorney


The board of the Student Association in Ås (SiÅs) issues regulations for student housing after first obtaining a statement from the Student Parliament’s Labor Committee (AU), and perhaps additionally from the Student Parliament.


The managing director issues supplementary provisions to the regulations.


The SiÅs board, in consultation with the AU, appoints an appeals committee of three people. The appeals committee handles written complaints from tenants about the discretion which is used when allocating housing.


The SiÅs board resolves disputes regarding interpretation of the regulations.


General rules of confidentiality apply to all personal data received/processed in connection with these regulations.


2. Terms of rent


Students must have paid the semester fee and follow ordinary full-time studies at NMBU in order to have preferential rights to rent student housing.

New and former NMBU students, who at the time of sending in an housing application have not been accepted at NMBU, can apply for housing on the basis of their application for admission at NMBU without having first paid the semester fee.


All stated deadlines must be respected as a general condition for preferential rights and prioritization.


A SiÅs housing lease must be signed before moving in is permitted. The rent is paid on the basis of an invoice. The rent is invoiced monthly and is paid in advance.


The lease is entered into for a maximum of one academic year at a time. With reasonable notice before the tenants’ contract ends, tenants receive an offer to apply for a new contract for the upcoming academic year.


The minimum period for renting housing during the academic year is one month.


The maximum total length of stay in student housing corresponds to the length of an ordinary course of study, with an upper limit of six study years. Applications for extended periods of residence may be granted when it is necessary to finish the course of study, and if the need arose due to delays resulting from a full-time position of trust, a change of study field, pregnancy, illness or similar.


Any delays, postponements, leaves of absence (due to sick leave, reduced study progress, positions of trust or similar) must be approved and registered in NMBU’s student information system.


When entering into a new lease, the following conditions must be met: (i) The rent and any additional services must be settled in a timely manner, (ii) the course of study must be the main occupation and (iii) the student’s study progression must be approved (in accordance with Lånekassen’s minimum requirements).


SiÅs can terminate the tenancy with immediate effect if someone has been alllocated accommodation on the basis of incorrect information.


3. General rules

3.1 Homes are allocated based on when the application is sent, given that:

a) tenants with existing contracts first have the opportunity to apply for a new contract.

b) tenants with existing contracts first have the opportunity to change internally.

Homes are allocated continuously as they become available and are offered from the time they become available.

For the Autumn semester, approx. 500 homes are reserved for new NMBU students. New students, both Norwegian and international, must apply for student accommodation according to the deadlines that apply at any given time.


SiÅs will, as long as it is practically feasible, take into consideration (comply with) students’ wishes regarding the choice of dormitory and shared housing.


Association (forening) collectives are allowed to be established and continued as long as the association ensures that all rooms are filled.


Couples, when one or both parties are full time students are given priority in two-room apartments (couple apartments).


Students with children are given priority in three-room apartments in Skogveien.


Students on leave are not given preferential rights to student housing during the leave period.


Students who take part of their education outside of Ås for longer than 6 months do not have preferential rights to student accommodation.


Students on sick leave for longer than 6 months do not have preferential rights to student accommodation. Full or partial sick leave, which affects the study progression, must be approved by NMBU and documented in NMBU’s student registration system.


Students on maternity leave have the right to continue living in student accommodation during the leave period – however, no longer than the maximum period of residence cf. §2.6 above.


Applications for subletting and/or co-tenancy must be submitted in writing. Approval can be denied if the purpose of the home or the subtenant/co-tenant in question so indicate.


If specific circumstances require, the managing director may deviate from the order of priority.


4. Pets


It is not permitted to keep pets (cats, rabbits, guinea pigs etc.) in student accomodation, with the exception of dogs in specified housing.


Applications for and decisions regarding keeping dogs are processed by the rental department. Permission can be granted for 1 year at a time.


The dog owner must compensate for all damage caused by the dog. The dog owner is responsible for ensuring the dog is not an unnecessary nuisance to other residents.


In the event that the rules on keeping dogs are broken in student accommodation, the permission to keep a dog can be withdrawn with immediate effect.