SiÅs offer student accommodation close to campus. New international students can apply for housing from March 15th (Autumn semester) or October 15th (Spring semester)

To secure housing, there are 4 things you must do (this applies only for new international students)

  1. Fill and submit your Arrival form
  2. Apply for housing via unialltid
  3. Prepay house rent and visa application funds
  4. Confirm arrival date


At unialltid you can:

  • Apply for housing - you can see all of SiÅs' housing here, including those that are not currently available. If you apply for housing that is unavailable, your application will automatically be considered for any available room including Pentagon I. You can change your choice of housing in your application right up until allocation. When housing has been allocated, you will be notified (text message/e-mail) that the tenancy contract is ready for signing on Your Page at unialltid.

  •  Read and sign your contract. The tenancy contract is signed with bank ID (demands a Norwegian bank account) or by; print, sign, scan and upload to unialltid. The deadline for signing is 48 hours after receiving the notification/contract. If the contract is not signed by the deadline, the offer of housing is lost.

  • Change your user details.

  • See financial status and invoices

  • Pay your bills with a bank or credit card

  • Submit a notification of faults and defects in the house.

  • Terminate the contract


Wheelchair accessible housing: SiÅs has a limited number of homes for students in need of wheelchair accessible housing. Please contact us as early as possible:

Family/couple flat: SiÅs has a limited number of homes for families and couples. Please contact us as early as possible:

”A roof over your head” is accommodation offered to those who haven’t managed to find somewhere to live before semester start. SiÅs can offer temporary housing: dormitory, kitchen and living room, toilet and shower. Eduroam/Wi-Fi. Access to laundry. Price NOK 100,- per night. Bring your own duvet, pillow, bed linen or other bedding/sleeping bag. If you wish to use temporary accommodation, contact SiÅs Bolig:


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