Before you apply for housing, we ask you to submit the Arrival form. This is to confirm that you are a new student at NMBU and for your arrival to go as smoothly as possible. 

Please fill and submit your Arrival form
When you have submitted your Arrival form, please apply for housing - remember that you must write NEWINTS in the space for comments in the application. 

Important information relevant for your contract and arrival form:

Prepayment of house rent
SiÅs does not require a deposit. Instead, we ask for a prepayment of the rent.

No residence permit - EU citizens do not transfer funds to secure the study permit. Instead you are required to prepay house rent of NOK 10.000,- to SiÅs within January 1st (Spring semester) or July 1st  (Autumn semester). It is also possible to prepay for the whole semester. If you receive your contract after January/July 1st, the prepayment should be in the SiÅs account no later than 14 days after you have been assigned the contract.

Residence permit (Non-EU citizens*) International students must document sufficient funds when applying for the study permit. After being accepted at NMBU, new students must transfer funds to a Norwegian bank account. To facilitate the transfer of funds, SiÅs offers a service whereby funds can be transferred to a bank account administrated by SiÅs, until your Norwegian bank account can be opened. More information about the study permit process can be found on the UDI pages. *Non-EU citizens that are coming to NMBU as bilateral exchange students are not required to transfer funds and can follow the instructions above for EU-citzens regarding house payment.

The funds are to cover the cost of living, including housing, food and books. This is a minimum budget according to the immigration officials, and students may choose to transfer more funds to cover actual costs.

The funds transfer must be completed by 15 May.

Documentation of financing for the academic year 2022/2023 the amount required is NOK 128 887.

If the student fails to obtain a residence permit or decides to withdraw from studies, the funds will be returned to the student. More information can be found at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) webpages.

NORHED/NORPART Students do not need to transfer rent in advance, as this is guaranteed for. Please provide the NMBU project coordinator`s name.

Bank Account Information   
Name of beneficiary: Studentsamskipnaden i Ås, Christian Magnus Falsens vei 3, 1433 Ås, Norway
Name of bank: DNB NOR ASA, STRANDEN 21, AKER BRYGGE, NO-0021 OSLO                                  
Account: 1654 05 03420 - IBAN: NO1416540503420 - BIC/ SWIFT: DNBANOKK.

Please, remember to enclose your name and customer number on the payment (you will find your customer number above your name on the contract)

Phd-students and Semester fee: All tenants living in SiÅs student accommodation are obliged to pay semester fee every semester. Semester fees must be paid immediately upon arrival or as soon as an invoice for semester fees is available. Please contact Student Information Centre (SiT) for the invoice. Students who do not pay a semester fee will be invoiced an additional 10% rent.

There are no kitchenware and bedding (duvet, pillow or bed covers) in the room/apartment. You may purchase/rent or bring your own. Please order kitchenware and/or bedding on the Arrival Form.

Before arrival, you will receive an email with information about how to collect your bedding and/or kitchenware – if you choose to buy/rent.

Bedding and/or kitchenware will be deducted from the prepayment.

Cost for a duvet, pillow and bed covers:

  • NOK 850,-

Rent or buy kitchenware:

(You do not need to purchase/rent kitchen equipment if you are going to stay in Pentagon I - it is included)

  • rent for 6 months, NOK 400,-
  • rent for 1 year, NOK 800,-
  • buy, NOK 1300,-                                                                                                             

Kitchen utensils


2 casseroles – 3 l.

1 frying pan

cooking utensils

2 cups

2 big glasses


2 plates

2 lunch plates

2 soup bowls

2 chopping boards

3 plastic bowls with lids

2 dish clothes

1 duvet

1 pillow

2 sheets

2 duvet covers

2 pillowcases