All SiÅs accommodations are connected to the internet via Uninett's education and research network. By entering a contract with SiÅs, you agree to follow Uninett's ethical guidelines for the use of the data network. Please see here.

The computer network must not be used to perform, participate in or encourage actions that are contrary to Uninett's ethical guidelines or Norwegian law, including illegal use of copyrighted material. It is not possible to intervene in any of the technical installations that is a part of the computer network. Violation of this may result in a claim for compensation.

The computer network is continuously monitored. Possible illegal use or unwanted incidents (hacking) are notified to SiÅs so that SiÅs can notify the tenant if necessary, correction of errors or behavior. In the dialogue between content providers, Uninett and SiÅs, only SiÅs knows the identity of the tenant in question. See also SiÅs privacy statement.