Students who have paid semester fee for the semester have priority for student accommodation. SiÅs can offer: single rooms, couple flats and family apartments for students with children. Children are not allowed to be permanent residents in single rooms or couple flats unless with special agreement. The same applies to partners, spouses, other relatives or friends. Any inquiries regarding the tenancy contract, regulations etc. may be directed to the landlord on:


Tenants have a duty to respect each other and contribute to the good functioning of the community.

The tenants are obliged to respect each other's needs for tranquility, in the common rooms, on floors, buildings and in the residential area. The neighborhood shall not be disturbed by noise in violation of the provisions of the Neighborhood Act.

Each tenant is responsible for guests' behavior in the flat and the property in general. If the tenant is unable to keep his guests calm, he is obliged to seek assistance.


Tenants are obliged to treat the building and fixtures with care.


Home contents insurance must be organized by the individual tenant for assets/valuables the individual brings into the house. SiÅs has regular homeowner insurance. This does not cover theft or damage to things stored in the home.


The tenant is responsible for cleaning and order in their own home. The tenant is obliged, together with the other residents, to keep the common rooms clean and tidy. Garbage must be emptied daily, and each tenant must keep their share of kitchen cabinets, refrigerators and freezers clean and tidy. Washing lists must be used.


Stalls in connection with the housing must be marked with name and room number, as well as kept tidy and emptied when moving out.


It is not allowed to shake clothes or other fabrics out of the window, balcony or veranda.


Hanging pictures and other things should only take place on mouldings intended for this. This also applies to common rooms, stairwells etc. Notices are only posted on notice boards.


It is not allowed to keep pets in the student accommodations. You can apply for dog keeping in some of SiÅs' homes, please see Regulations for student accommodation.  Application is sent to


SiÅs changes batteries and checks all fire alarms every summer. Tenants must not dismantle fire alarms, fire hoses or the like.


It is not permitted to connect electric cars, engine heaters, caravans or the like to power outlets in student housing.


Timer must be used on all electrical kitchen equipment, such as a coffee maker, kettle, rice cooker etc. Timer can be purchased at SiÅs Boksmia. Electrical equipment without timers will be removed by SiÅs.


It is not permitted to make changes to the home's permanent installations (incl. paint) or remove/ replace furniture without permission from the landlord.


Refrigerator and freezer should be defrosted as needed. The use of sharp objects is not permitted, as the freezing system can be damaged. The same applies when cleaning ovens.


The tenant will be held financially responsible for damages that arise as a result of negligence.


SiÅs only takes responsibility for storing effects that have been submitted against receipt.


Stairs and basement rooms must always be tidy. Bicycles, prams, skis etc. must only be placed in designated places.


It is only allowed to have short-term visits. The tenant must be present during the visit.


The landlord has the right to inspect all rooms. Such inspection will normally be notified in advance. In extraordinary situations, such inspection may be carried out without notice. The landlord has full access to the homes to carry out technical inspections, necessary repairs and improvements. If possible, the landlord will notify the tenant of this.


The landlord has, without prior notice, the right to remove objects that are a nuisance/danger to other tenants and/or the property.