Regulations for student accommodation is a part of SiÅs Bolig's tenancy contract

1. Authorisation
The board of SiÅs have provided the regulations for student accommodation after having obtained statements from the Student board (Studentstyret - StS) and also the student council (Studenttinget). 

The director of administration has provided additional provisions to the regulations.   
The board of SiÅs, in consultation with the Student Board, will appoint an appeal committee of three people to process any written complaints from tenants, under discretion afforded by the allocation of housing.  

The board of SiÅs will resolve any disputes concerning interpretation of the regulations. 

Confidentiality will be applied to all personal information received and processed in connection with these rules.   

2. Terms of rental

Students must have paid their tuition fees and must be registered for a standard program of study at NUMB to have the right to rent student accommodation. 
A general term for prioritisation and preferences is that all deadlines must be met. 

Before moving in, the tenancy agreement must be signed, and the first rent must be paid. 

Tenancy agreements will last for one academic year. 

The minimum period for renting accommodation during the academic year is one month. 

The maximum total time any one student can rent student accommodation is five academic years. 

When entering a new tenancy agreement, the following conditions should be met: (i) rent and other additional fees should be paid on time; (ii) study should be the student's principle activity; (iii) the student should have approved progression of study (in accordance with the requirements of the Loan fund). 

The landlord can terminate the tenancy agreement with immediate effect if housing is allocated on the basis of incorrect information. 


3. General regulations. 

Accommodation is shared out according to application deadline and seniority. 

Seniority is determined by the total number of credits passed at NMBU.

Students on a leave of absence cannot presume they have rights to student accommodation during the leave period. 

Students who take portions of their education outside Ås for more than 6 months have no guaranteed right to student accommodation. 

Students on sick leave from study must provide documentation. Students on sick leave for more than 6 months have no guaranteed right to student accommodation.  

Students who postpone their studies must provide documentation from their academic department. 

Applications for sub-letting or access to the property by persons other than in the application, must be submitted in writing. Approval may be refused if circumstances related to the purpose of the dwelling or his or her person so indicate.

Under exceptional conditions, the director of administration may choose to waive the priority order.  


4. Allocation of rooms

Everyone registered to a regular programme of study at NMBU, starting at Ås at the beginning of the autumn semester will, if at all possible, be guaranteed a room in the Pentagon furing their first year of study.  

Students who start their first year of study in Ås midway through a semester can only guarantee a room if they pay rent from the beginning of the semester.  

SiÅs and StS draw up a priority list each year for students not in their first year of study.  

SiÅs will, as far as it is practically possible, comply with students' requests about choice of room and shared apartments. 

The accommodation department allocates rooms between the 1st June and the 10th August. 

Jubilo 301-312, Inferno 301-306 and Mølla 119-124 are reserved for members of Hankattforeningen st. 1902, Foreningen Hunkatten and Sangkoret Lærken. Inferno 307-312 are reserved for female students. These apartments and rooms in Studentheimen are exempt from the rules of allocation in these regulations. 


5. Allocation of double and family apartments. 

Double apartments are prioritised for couples without children. If both are registered to a regular  programme of study at NUMB, their study points will be combined. If there are equal scores, the priority will be determined by a draw. Rental agreements are prioritised to those with the most study points.   

Family apartments are for students with children. If both parents are registered to a regular programme of study at NMBU, their study points will be combined. If there are equal scores, the number of children is taken into consideration. To ensure equality, single parents are given priority. Rental agreements are prioritised to those with the most study points. 

Students on parental leave are entitled to live in their family apartment during the leave period, but no longer than the maxium period of residence. See point 2.6 above.   

Students with family members from overseas must submit their residence permit and travel documentation in order to be considered for a double or family apartment. 


6. Household pets

It is not permitted to keep pets (cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and so on) in SiÅs' student accommodation. 

Applications to keep dogs are handled by SiÅs Bolig. Permission can be granted for one year at a time.  

Permission to keep a dog can be granted in the following houses:

Skogveien 20 and 26 - one dog in each apartment.

Kajaveien 15D- one dog in each apartment.

Fougnerbakken 19 - two dogs in the house.

Kajaveien 18- two dogs in the house.

Kaja studentboliger- two dogs in the house.


Arken 101-106 og 107-112,

Børsen 001-006 og 007-012,

Casino 001-006,

Hemsen 001-006,

Grotten 001-006,

Inferno 001-006,

Jubilo 001-006,

Løa 001-006, 013-018 og119-124 og couple apartment: 108, 110 og 112.

Kringla couple apartment: 114, 116, 118, 126, 128 og 130

It is allowed with two dogs in each apartment and one dog in each couple apartment.

Dog owners must fix or replace any damages caused by the dog, and are responsible for ensuring that the dog is calm and under control.

In the case that rules about keeping dogs are broken in student accommodation, permission to keep a dog may be withdrawn with immediate effect.