As of 18/12/2023, the Student Association in Ås has received new Regulations for student accommodation - confirmed by the board on 12/01/2024.

The regulations can be read in their entirety here - under contract with attachments: For tenants

Important points to note are:

3.1 Homes are allocated on the basis of when the application is sent (See regulations section 3.2 - 3.11 for prioritization and more information)

  • If you want to apply for housing or exchange, it is important to send your application early. Remember that the application is valid for 1 month at a time and must be renewed. Write in the comment field if you have any wishes about housing etc

  • Internal exchanges are prioritized - see regulations for priority order

  • You can change your priorities or add comments in the comment field at any time, without losing your place in the queue

  • As before, homes will be allocated as soon as they are available - regardless of the desired move-in date. If you only want a specific date/month, you can write this in the comments field. Then the application is on hold until it becomes possible

The system of awarding credits by credits is no longer applicable - so are earlier deadlines, March and October
New Norwegian students can apply for housing from 1 May
New international students can apply for accommodation from 15 March (spring) and 15 October (autumn). This is to ensure that those who need it have received a visa for the start of the semester

4.1 Pets
• An overview of which homes you can apply for a dog in is under General information

For questions, send an email to