All student housing is subject to municipal renovation by Follo Ren.

Recycling stations

Pentagon/Palisaden/Pomona, Skogveien, Kajaveien 15, Kaja studentboliger, Utveien 6, Skoggården/ Fougnerbakken, Rådhusplassen have recycling station for cardboard/paper, glass/metal and general waste (including green bags for food waste).

  • Glass/metal is delivered at the public return point at Fougnerbakken, Pentagon, Kajaveien 15,  Skogveien or Utveien 2 (Åkebakken kindergarten).

  • General waste should be packed properly and disposed of in designated places. 

  • Food waste should be collected in green bags and disposed of with general waste. 

Special waste and scrap, please see below: Miljøbilen - The recycling truck and Bølstad Recycling Station

Secondhand items such as clothes, kitchen equipment, furniture etc can be disposed of at UFF-containers, flea markets, second hand shops or sold on

Guide for sorting from Follo Ren - English version can be downloaded

The recycling truck (Miljøbilen)

Follo Ren will make it easier for you to deliver bulky waste. If you have small amounts of waste, you no longer need to go to the recycling station, Bølstad, our recycling truck comes to an area near you - See here:  Recycling truck

Bølstad Recycling Station

If you are going to deliver scrap at the recycling station at Bølstad, you must have the "SiÅs card" with you. It can be borrowed from SiÅs Bolig. Important to read before you travel:

More information: