The Housing Committee (BMU) is a meeting place for SiÅs and their tenants. BMU contributes to a good living environment and good student welfare in the SiÅs residences. BMU discusses ongoing and planned renovations and problems the tenants have.

Who attends BMU?

BMU consists of: - Member of the Student Parliament's working committee (chairman and secretary) - Representatives from SiÅs - Block managers at the Pentagon (Hankattloftet, Hunkattloftet and Lærken) - Representative from Palisaden 1 - Representative from Palisaden 2 - Representative from Eplehagen/Pomona - Representatives from Skogveien ( Two from the collectives, one from the family homes and one from the apartments) - Representative from Kajaveien - Representative from Samfunnsveien 4 (IVARinn) - Representative from Utveien - Representative from Fougnerbakken - Representative from Rådhusplassen - Leader/welfare officer in ISU

What tasks does BMU have?

BMU is a meeting place for the tenant and SiÅs. BMU will have a meeting approx. 2 times per semester. BMU submits proposals for projects to the Renovation Committee for student housing. Complaints about the living environment must be submitted to BMU through the housing representative or SiÅs. This may be complaints about the neighbor making noise, complaints about keeping dogs, smoking and other things. SiÅs must try to resolve complaints, before they are possibly presented to BMU.

What tasks do the representatives from the residential areas have?

The representatives for the residential areas act as representative, contact persons and speaker. The representatives must have visible contact information and be available to the residents in their residential area. In advance of the BMU meeting, the representatives must establish contact with the other tenants via meetings, e-mail or by going door to door to get input. SiÅs Housing can be helpful in sending out e-mails. The representatives have contact with the operator for their residential area. It is desirable that the representatives attend BMU for as long as possible.

What are the duties of a member of the Student Parliament's Work Committee?

A member of the Student Parliament's Work Committee calls meetings of BMU, sets the agenda for the meeting and encourages the members to bring forward issues. Member of the Student Parliament's Work Committee leads the meetings at BMU and writes reports. A member of the Student Parliament's Work Committee ensures the best possible attendance by contacting the block managers at the Pentagon and the residents in advance. A member of the Student Parliament's Work Committee prepares a 'package' for new members, with report from the previous meeting and the instructions for BMU. A member of the Student Parliament's Work Committee ensures that the representatives receive laminated information letters with contact information to put up in their residential area.

What tasks does SiÅs have in BMU?

SiÅs has a representative in BMU. He/she participates in dialogue with the representatives about problems and challenges. He/she is happy to contribute matters to the agenda and inform about ongoing and planned rehabilitation. He/she relays contact with the individual operator in the residential areas.

How do I become part of BMU?

The BMU members find a successor themselves, but can get help from the Student Parliament's Labor Committee. The representatives attend for as long as they wish, but a minimum of one year. The block manager at Pentagon are representatives from Foreningen Hunkattens kollektiv, Hankattforeningen st. 1902's collective and the Sangkoret Lærkens collective. The block manager at Samfunnsveien 4 is represented by the Pikekoret IVAR collective.

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Contact person in SiÅs:

Adm.dir. Pål Magnus Løken,


Telephone 64 96 63 14.