Parking at SiÅs student accommodation

SiÅs has parking spaces for cars/motorcycles in: Skogveien, Utveien 6, Kajaveien 15, Kaja student housing, Skoggården/Fougnerbakken, Pomona, Pentagon (south of Mølla) and Palisaden.

There are not enough parking spaces in relation to the number of students who have cars. It must be expected that it can be difficult to get parking and we encourage you NOT to have a car.

Parking permit for people with reduced mobility, marked HC:

3 in Skogveien

1 in Palisaden

1 in Pomona

1 in Kajaveien 15

Electric car:

There are 10 charging points in Skogveien.

From 01.01.2023 it costs NOK 20 per hour to charge between 9am and 11 pm and NOK 13 per hour to charge between 11pm and 9am.

This is in addition to the ordinary parking agreement.

When you have finished charging, you must move the car. If you do not move the car, you must either continue to pay NOK 20/NOK 13 per hour in the Easy park app or you will receive a control sanction for incorrect parking.

Guest parking / Short term / Moving in and out:

Easy park - can park in all places - where it is signposted - if you have paid.


You can register and maintain parking agreements here: Østlandske Parkering

Parking costs NOK 200 per month or NOK 1000 per 6 months.

From 1 July 2024, parking will cost NOK 250 per month or NOK 1,250 per 6 months.

You will be asked to provide a customer number - this is your customer number at SiÅs. You will find it above your name on the contract and the invoice.

Parking is valid from registration and for the period you have signed up for.

You are responsible for maintaining your parking agreement.

It is only allowed to park in the marked space/area.

It is allowed to stop in front of the entrance for loading/unloading.

Violation of the parking regulations will result in a fine.


In the evenings, at night, on weekends and public holidays, it is possible to park in NMBU's car parks.