All student residences have access to shared laundry facilities:

  • Skogveien in 20 and 26 

  • Utveien 6 in house G

  • Kaja student accommodation: 1 washing machine in the basement of each house

  • Kajaveien 15 in house A

  • Pentagon in the Mølla, Kringla, Inferno, Hemsen and Børsen

  • Fougnerbakken 19 and 21

  • Rådhusplassen in no. 13

  • Palisaden in Krona and Verket. Residents of Saga, Høvleriet, Barken and Veden have access to a laundry in Kringla

  • Pomona: in 25D

Access to and use of communal laundries for all student housing is included in the rent at the following rates:

  • Single rooms; NOK 50 per month

  • Couple flats; NOK 100 per month

  • Apartments; NOK 150 per month

This gives free access to and use of washing and drying machines/rooms for tenants in the student accommodation.

NOTE: The provisions on laundry are included in the contract and are therefore part of the tenancy