General terms

Eika Sports Centre is a part of SiÅs - The University foundation for student life in Ås. These terms are part of the agreement between the member and Eika Sports Centre. In addition to the membership agreement, other guidelines also apply to specific services and offers. As a member of the Eika Sports Centre, you agre to comply with the current terms of service. Read more here.



Eika Sports Centre's membership and prices: you can see the current offer of products, services and prices at The membership applies from contract signing to termination of contract. After expiry of the notice period, termination is permanent.

Entry cards

Entrancechip is bought in the reception the first time you are at Eika Sportssenter. Membership cards/chips are personal and can not be loaned or borrowed. The card is registered when you arrive at the centre. In the case of loss or damage to membership cards, it will be blocked and a new one will be issued for a fee in accordance with current price list.

Personal information

Members are responsible for keeping their personal page - "My Page" - updated with their home address, e-mail address, mobile phone number and other personal information, as well as to inform about circumstances which might change the membership price or other service.


All training is done at your own risk. The Centre disclaims any liability for loss or damage to persons or objects arising while members are at the Center. This includes loss and damage to personal clothing and property. Always follow rules and regulations for activities such as climbing, which can be found on

The member is also obliged to get familiar with the fire instructions for Eika Sportssenter. They are available at Eika Sportssenter, including in the entrance. The member should get familiar with the fire exits and extinguishing equipment options. This is especially inportant for those using the center in umanned opening hours.


Membership fees are paid using "avtalegiro" in your online bank. The fee for the 1st month is payable upon registration. After that, the agreed amount is deducted directly from your bank account through "avtalegiro" on around the first day of the month. Members are responsible for payment of the fees and to set up necessary agreements with their bank to use "avtalegiro" as a form of payment.


A valid student card and payment of tuition fees must be documented to receive the student  membership discount. Member are obliged to inform Eika Sports Centre of any changes.

Freezing of membership

Freezing is a temporary pause of membership. Members do not pay their membership fees during a period when membership is frozen, and neither they nor guests can use the facilities during this time. Eika Sports Centre may grant a freeze under the following circumstances: Illnesses with more than 1 month duration; pregnancy; temporary posting elsewhere in connection with studies, jobs or military service. Documentation must be submitted. In addition, all members whose membership has exceeded the initial binding period has the possibility to freeze their membership for up to 2 months (continuous) per calendar year. Freezing of membership agreed and approved in advance, and documentation must comply with the application. The freeze is carried out at an agreed start and end date. Membership cannot be frozen retrospectively. Please note that membership can not be terminated during a frozen period.

For freeze - send us an e-mail

Fee alterations

Eika Sportcentre can without prior notice alter the membership fees. When this happens, the  overview of fees will be updated on

Missed payments

If membership fees are not paid within the deadline, we might send a reminder bill with interest. In cases of late payment, Eika Sport Centre may claim additional costs and interest under law on interest in late payment. Eika Sports Centre also has the right to freeze or terminate membership if payment is not received.


To terminate membership, please send notice by e-mail to The notice period lasts or one month, and starts on the first of the month after the notification of termination is received. The membership is active throughout the notice period. Written confirmation of registered termination, along with with information about the final payment training date will be sent within 14 days.


The member consents that Eika Sports Centre saves your training history for a period of one (1) year, with the purpose of following up the member's activity and organising training plans. In addition, data can be used for statistical purposes. We also reserve the right to send out relevant information, news and offers from the Eika Sports Centre. Information may be disclosed to other companies in the case of statistical processing, in an anonymised form so that no individual can be identified. It is voluntary to disclose information about yourself and you may at any time see, correct or update the information you have provided to the Eika Sports Centre.


Eika Sports centre reserves the right to shut down all or part of the centre during holidays, as well as reducing opening hours during holidays and free days. The member should assume shorter opening hours, for all or part of the sports centre, or reduced opening hours if any maintenance is necessary.


As a member of the Eika Sports Centre, you confirm that you do not use any kind of stimuli or substances listed on Antidoping Norway's list. In case of suspicion, you must voluntarily take a doping test. In the case of a positive doping test, membership will terminate with immediate effect. Eika Sports Center, Ås 01.01.2018