Eika Sportssenter is part of the student welfare organisation (Studentsamskipnaden) in Ås. These terms and conditions are part of the agreement between the individual member and Eika Sportssenter. Over and above the membership agreement, individual guidelines will also apply to certain services or offerings. As a member of Eika Sportssenter, you have a duty to comply with the membershiprules given at anytime. These may be found at 



Eika Sportssenter's membership and prices are stated in the current description of products, services and price list at Membership runs from the conclusion of the agreement and until termination. Membership with a binding period will, after the expiry of the binding period, become an ongoing agreement. 


Entry card 

Members are issued a membership card at the center. The membership card is personal and cannot be lent out. The card is registered on arrival. If the membership card is lost or damaged, it will be blocked and a new one will be issued for a fee according to the current price list. 


Personal details 

The member is responsible for keeping Eika Sportssenter updated with address, e-mail address, mobile phone number and other personal data, and for informing us of any circumstances that change the price of the Member's membership or other service. 



It is agreed that all training is at your own risk. The center disclaims any liability for loss and damage to persons or objects that occur during the member's stay at the center, including loss and damage to personal clothing and belongings.  

 Always follow the rules for well-being and climbing as stated at  


The member is also obliged to familiarize themselves with the fire instructions for Eika Sportssenter, which are available at Eika Sportssenter, including at the entrance. The member should familiarize themselves with emergency exits and extinguishing options. This applies especially to those who use training outside of staffed opening hours. 


Declaration of responsibility 

  1. I agree that all climbing and activity at Eika sportssenter contains a risk, and that all activity inside the climbing gym takes place at your own risk.  

  1. I am obliged to follow the safety rules and instructions given by the staff. In the event of a breach of this, the staff has the right to revoke the belay card or expel persons at their own discretion.  

  1. I am obliged to inform the staff if I detect any flaws and/or deficiencies in our facilities that leads to enhanced risk, or observe that others behavior could lead to enhanced risk. 

  1. All kind of payed instructions, and group instructions, must be agreed on by Eika sportssenter in advance.  

  1. As a consequence of these points, I understand that I should aquire an insurance that covers climbing for myself. 



Payment of membership is made via direct debit. The fee for the 1st month is paid upon registration. Thereafter, the agreed amount will be deducted from the account through Avtalegiro on the 1st of each month. The member is responsible for payment of the membership fee and for entering into the necessary agreement with their bank for the use of direct debit as a form of payment. 



A valid student identity card and proof that the current semester fee has been paid must be presented in order to obtain and maintain the student rate. Members have a duty to inform Eika Sportssenter of any changes. 


Membership freeze 

Freezing means temporary suspension of the membership, and the member therefore does not pay their membership during the period the membership is frozen and cannot use the membership or guest seats at other student organizations. Eika Sportssenter may grant a freeze of the agreement in the following circumstances: sick leave of more than 1 month, pregnancy, temporary posting in connection with studies, work or military service. Documentation must be presented. In addition, anyone with a membership with a binding period and after this has expired has the opportunity for up to 2 months of continuous freeze in a calendar year. Requests for a freeze should be sent to  


Freezing of the membership contract must be agreed and approved in advance and the documentation must accompany the freeze application. The freeze is implemented at the agreed start and end date. Freezing of membership is not granted retroactively. Please note that membership cannot be terminated during a frozen period. 


Price adjustment 

Eika Sportssenter may without warning adjust the price of membership. In the event of such price adjustment, the applicable price list on will be updated. 



If the member does not pay by the payment deadline, a debt collection notice will be sent. In the event of late payment, Eika Sportssenter may claim reimbursement of costs and interest in accordance with the Interest on Late Payment Act. Eika Sportssenter also has the right to block or terminate the membership if payment is not made.  


Termination of membership  

Termination of membership is made by attending Eika Sportssenter or by sending an e-mail to 


The notice period is one month from the first month-end after the date the notice is received, and the membership is active throughout the notice period. Written confirmation of registered termination, with information about the last payment and training date, will be received within 14 days.  



The member consents to Eika Sportssenter storing their training history for a period of one (1) year, for the purpose of following up the member's activity and organizing training programs. In addition, data may be used for statistical purposes. We also reserve the right to send out relevant information, news and offers from Eika Sportssenter. In connection with statistical processing, information may be disclosed to other companies, in anonymized form so that no individual can be identified. It is voluntary to provide information about yourself, and you can at any time view, correct or update the information you have provided to Eika Sportssenter.  


Other information  

Eika Sportssenter reserves the right to close all or parts of the facility on public holidays, as well as reduce opening hours in connection with holidays and public holidays. The member must be able to expect shorter periods of closure of all or parts of the sportscenter, or alternatively reduced opening hours, for example for necessary maintenance.  



As a member of Eika Sportssenter, you confirm that you do not use any form of stimuli or doping listed on Anti-Doping Norway's list. If suspected, you will voluntarily submit to a doping test. In the event of a positive doping test, membership will be terminated with immediate effect.  


Eika Sportssenter, Ås 14.06.2023