Patrick Hansen 

- Degree in nutrition from AMH
- Personal trainer, NIH Fitness
- Crossfit level 1 certified

With my background as a personal trainer, nutritionist and squash practitioner, I know that a personal exercise and diet plan are both needed to get full effect from your workouts. With these values you will have a positive experience exercising, while giving you better progress, preventing pain and injury. I am committed to passing this knowledge on to you by adapting your training to your needs, wishes and goals.

To book a session, contact Patrick Hansen, Tlf: 64 96 63 47, Email:


Kirstine B. Bakke

- Physiotherapist, CVU VIA University
- FISAF certified personal trainer
- Certified Pilates instructor

Training should be tailored to each individual. It should be fun and varied. I will challenge you with enjoyable, effective and diverse training plans regardless of your motives. Through ongoing training you will experience better posture, raised energy levels and self confidence. We will work together to find a feeling of enjoyment and mastery. 

To book a session, contact Kirstine B. Bakke, tlf: 64 96 63 50, E-mail: