Eika Sports Centre has the STAGESFLIGHT spinning system. A screen in the cycling room shows the route we will cycle, and we use watts to give motivation and ensure good and effective training. Create a profile and join in. 


  • Sign up on a PC or MAC, not on facebook

  • Log in on www.stagesflight.com

  • Select "sign up for STAGESFLIGHT"

  • Fill out your personal details. 

  • Select "OK"

  • Add a "Display name" (a username or nickname that everyone can see) 

  • Fill out your profile, and save. 

  • Select «LOCATION» on the left, under «SETTINGS»

  • Location name is "WY603" - the ID for Eika Sports centre, and select "add location"

  • Fill in «PICTURE, APPS and SHARING» on the left under «SETTINGS» if you want «HART RATE AND WATT»: «SENSOR -ID»: fill out the id of your heartrate band. (you will find this on the pulse sensor which you attach to your chest). We support the following heart rate bands: Vismox, Suunto, PolarH7 and Garmin.

  • Click "lag"

  • Any other information is optional to fill in.