Diet instructions:

Perhaps you have a broad interest in nutrition, physical activity and health? Regardless, a good diet will help. After mapping your current diet, we can make specific suggestions for changes to optimize the nutritional content for both physical activity and health.


Measurement of body composition:

Tanita Body Composition analysis measures fat percentage, muscle mass, amount of vesicular fat, etc. The result of the measurement is reviewed and the supervisor can advise whether measures should be taken to address risks to health at high or low fat percentages. The result of the measurement can also be used to see if the training gives the desired effect.

Prices for students at NMBU (with paid semester fee/other):                 

  • Diet Guide 60 minutes: NOK 360,- (kr. 450,-)     

  • Diet guide follow-up: NOK 180,- (kr. 225,-)     

  • Measurement of body composition kr. 110,- (kr. 225,-)

To make an appointment, please contact Patrick Hansen, Telephone: 64 96 63 51. E-mail: