At NMBU you will take part in a learning environment where academic progress and personal development goes hand in hand. In both cases, the level of your own involvement is what determines the best results.

The university has more than 60 different student clubs and associations, which both individually and together make up a unique offer of leisure activity with a wealth of challenges for everyone. Studentsamfunnet (the Student Union) is the oldest and most responsible and comprehensive member organization. It  owns the Student Union Building where most of the students' cultural activities are staged.

SiÅs was established in 1955, and is founded in the law «Om Studentsamskipnader» of 28th June 1996. Our Strategic Plan for 1998-2002 has the title «Focus on the student». It describes our strategy as follows:

"The University Foundation for Student Life in Ås (SiÅs) will be an outstanding service provider,  helping to make the University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Norway's most attractive place to study."

SiÅs is responsible for: Student accommodation, international guest accomodation, sport facilities, the bookshop, print and copy services, cafeterias / restaurant and the rental of meeting and function rooms. SiÅs will do its best to make your time as a student a good one.
Einride Berg, Managing Director.