1. About the privacy policy
The Student Association in Ås (SiÅs) is a special law company (særlovsselskap) governed by The Student Relations Act (LOV-2007-12-14-116, including later amendments). According to this act, SiÅs aims to address the student's welfare needs at each educational institution.  The University Foundation for Student Life in Ås shall provide services to students. To a limited extent, can a student union also offer servicestonon-students.
The privacy policy deals with how information, including personal information collected by SiÅs, is processed, shared and stored in connection with SiÅs's communication with you, including the use of My Page (Boligtorget), trade systems for our business areas and on our website www.sias.no. Responsible for processing personal data (data processor): The Student association in Ås (SiÅs). 955 222 261 Fredrik A. Dahl's road 3, 1432 Ås

2. The purpose of collecting personal information
In order to offer all our customers the best services possible, to make the service offerings and information available and make it easy for customers to operate their comprehensive customer relationship with SiÅs, SiÅs collects, processes and stores personal information about their customers.
The purpose of the collection is to offer you the best possible service, as well as to provide you with an overview of, and information about, your student offers, membership, applications, agreements and rental through SiÅs. SiÅs
servicesprovides you with the opportunity to organize your everyday life, including services related to student housing, physical activity and other student activities.
This privacy policy describes how we treat your personal data
tofulfill the mentioned purposes. It is important that you familiarize yourself with this, as when you use SiÅs services, it requires SiÅs to process personal information about you.
Personal data is processed in accordance with the Personal Information Act, the EU Privacy Policy, the Accounting Act and any other relevant laws. Where collection, processing and
storageis not permitted by law / regulation or specified in the agreement and contract you enter as a customer, we will obtain your consent.

3. Your rights
SiÅs is obligated to complying with the current privacy policy. The rules give you the right to:
Retract and change your consent.
Have personal information we no longer need, to be deleted from our registries and systems.
Have incorrect personal
Get access to personal information stored about you in our computer systems.
Require that the information SiÅs has of you may be transferred to a third party of your choice.
Complain the Data Inspectorate (Datatilsynet) if you think SiÅs does not handle your personal information in a legal matter.
You can arrange for access, correction and deletion of information, as well as changing your consent through your user account at www.sias.no or by contacting SiÅs on 64966300 or by sending an e-mail to the department that is natural for you to contact.

4. What information is collected and processed
For those who have a customer relationship with SiÅs in addition to paying a semester fee, the following is a general overview of what personal information we collect, process and store in connection withtheagreements / contracts / customer relations you have signed with us.
Tenants in student housing: By signing a rental agreement, you give SiÅs the right to process and store your personal data. The act of accounting states that invoice information must be stored for at least 5 years. We need to store your contact information for as long as you are a customer with us, and for a certain period after this. Detailed information
aboutprocessing of personal information for you whom are a tenant at SiÅs Bolig can be found here.
Member of the EIKA gym: By signing a gym membership agreement, you give SiÅs the right to process and store personal data relevant to your customer relationship. The data is stored with our subcontractor member system "Exceline". If we wish to store records of your gym data, we will
requestfor separate consent for this.
Healthcare Professionals at the Health Center for Youth and Students in Ås (HFU): The services covered by the Health Care Act (Pasientjournalloven) are treated in accordance with this legislation and are kept separate from SiÅs' other data. Healthcare and course users will, through agreement/ course registration, give consent to HFU, allowing them to collect necessary personal data in connection with this.
SiÅs does not collect data about the activities of online services from SiÅs for statistics or analytical purposes.


5. How does SiÅs use your information
The information we collect, the information you have registered, and information that occurs through your customer relationship, are usedtofulfill our agreements with you and to develop and improve SiÅs services.
SiÅs uses the information to provide you with offers and communications in accordance with the consent you have given. You may withdraw your consent at any time, and we will delete the information that was stored in connection with the relevant consent. We
mayby active consent, or as part of relevant customer relationships:
Use your contact information to send you information and to invite you to evaluate how satisfied you were with using SiÅs's services.
Convey offers to SiÅs services and other inquiries from SiÅs for marketing purposes directly in SiÅs services, and other contact information you have registered in SiÅs services, such as e-mail addresses and phone number.
Use your anonymized personal information and information about your use of the service to help us make decisions about sales, marketing and product development.

6. Archiving and termination of personal data
When you no longerpaysemester fee to SiÅs and do not use any of SiÅs's services, SiÅs stores personal data for a limited period after a customer relationship has been terminated. Later, all information about you is deleted in addition to the information that the Accounting Act and any other legislation require to be saved.

7. Responsibility of treatment
In accordance with the Personal Data Act, SiÅs has the role of controller. SiÅs's Managing Director has the power of attorney to act as a treatment officer on behalf of SiÅs. treatment responsibilities for the various services can be delegated to the head of the relevant service area.
If information about you is provided to SiÅs's service providers, the service provider will be the data processor for this information and SiÅs will handle the responsibility of the service providers handling of the data processing of personal data through their own data processor agreements.

8. Who shares SiÅ's information with
SiÅs may in certain cases, regulated by law, provide information to the authorities and to associated educational institutions. SiÅs does not share your personal information for commercial or marketing purposes without your prior consent.

9. Who is processing your information
SiÅs can use subcontractors to deliver, develop and improve SiÅs services. These subcontractors are not allowed to use the customers personal information for other purposes. Subcontractors will then be responsible for the treatment of data, while SiÅs remains the treatment manager. SiÅs enters agreements about data processing with allcomputerprocessers who receive / process / store personal information from SiÅs.

10. Security
We use several different IT systems and methods to keep your information secure when transferred from you through the internet to our servers

11. Social Media
SiÅs publishes news on Facebook and at www.sias.no. SiÅs will not post any personal information on these platforms. SiÅs will be able to use customer feedback to further develop our services.
Social media features are operated by either a third party or directly on our site. Your use of such features is subject to the privacy policy of the company that supplies them.

12. Changes
SiÅs can change the terms of consent and privacy policy to comply with new legal requirements and due to changes in our own practices for the collection and processing of personal data. For any changes that require consent, you will be asked for your consent to new terms when you log in to sias.no before the changes are made. Information about other changes will be provided on www.sias.no.

13. Your rights
We assure you, as a SiÅs user, that SiÅs takes responsibility for protecting your personal information. You can trust that we collect, use and protect your personal information in a safe and secure manner.

SiÅs guarantees to:
Be open about how we collect, use and store your personal information.
Only use your personal information for the purpose we have collected it for.
Do not collect or process more information about you than needed in order to offer you SiÅs services or what you have agreed to.
As registered with SiÅs, you have the right to access your personal data and the right to have your data changed, deleted or disclosed, as long as this is consistent with other laws.
If you have questions regarding the processing of personal information in SiÅs, you can send an e-mail to that department (
seeoverview of all departments at sias.no/contact us) and mark it with "Personal Information".

You can complain about how SiÅs processes your information to:
Data Inspectorate e-mail: postkasse@datatilsynet.no phone: 22 39 69 00.