What can you talk to a priest about? EVERYTHING! As University Chaplain Ingrid is conversation partner for everyone who needs someone to talk to, big or small. With the university chaplain you can talk about everything from exam nerves, studies, death and grief, to love, faith and finding your way in life. The university chaplain has a duty of confidentiality.

It is also a focus for the university chaplain to highlight that all religions and all students have the right to religious practice. Ingrid is present for everyone, no matter what your background or beliefs are. It is not always easy to talk with friends or family members, and you may need an experienced person who can provide a different perspective.

Office hours:
Thursdays at 09.00 – 14.00
But is also available for appointments other days.
Drop by or contact her to make an appointment.  

Contact info:
+47 95 91 93 18