1. Semester registration and semester fee

To retain the right to study, you must pay the semester fee and register in Studentweb. The semester fee is required by law for all students in Norway. The semester fee helps to finance the students' welfare offer, which includes important welfare services such as health services, canteens, the fitness center, and the bookshop on campus, among other things. The semester fee is paid at the beginning of each semester. The deadline for payment is:


•September 15th in the autumn semester

•February 1st in the spring semester


Read more information about why you pay semester fee.


2. What is a student association?

A student association is a welfare organization for students and is responsible for welfare services such as student accommodations, health services, and canteens.


3. Who is the Students' Association in Ås (SiÅs) and what do they do for me as a student in Ås?

SiÅs is the welfare organization for students at NMBU. SiÅs finances welfare services through semester fees, state aid, and support from NMBU. The semester fee gives you access to lectures, exercises, and exams at NMBU, as well as student loans. In addition, SiÅs provides the following:

• Curriculum/books at Boksmia

• Student housing

• Healthy and quality food in our canteens

• Affordable training at the Eika sports center

• Low-threshold health services (conversations and social activities)

• Free health services at The Health Center for youth and NMBU students

• Welfare funds that are distributed via the work committee, called “arbeidsutvalget” in Norwegian.


4. Finding your way around the campus

Finding your way around campus can be challenging when you are new. There are many buildings and different room numbers to find. This is why we recommend the Mazemap app, where you can search for a building or a room number within the entire campus.


5. Visit us at our stand

If you have any questions or just want to learn more about what we can offer you, then we hope you visit our own stand at Boksmia / Andedammen. We will be there from Saturday the 12th of August to and including Friday the 18th of August.


You can also find us at the association day, called “Graskurs” in Norwegian, on Wednesday the 16th of August at Samfunnet in Ås.


6. Collecting the key to your student accommodation

SiÅs Housing is located in the bookstore Boksmia by the duck pond, called “Andedammen”, on Campus.


Visiting address: Boksmia, SiÅs Bolig, Høyskoleveien 2, 1433 Ås


Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: from 10.00 – 15.00

Saturday and Sunday: closed


Inquiries: Tel. : 64 96 63 00. E-mail: utleie@sias.no

Postal address: Studentsamskipnaden i Ås, SiÅs Bolig, Christian Magnus Falsens vei 3, 1433 Ås


For an agreement to collect keys outside of opening hours, send an e-mail to utleie@sias.no one week before arrival.


Here you will find more information about the practicalities you should be familiar with when you live with SiÅs .


7. Living on your own for the first time

Living on your own for the first time can be exciting, but you may soon discover there are skills you haven’t perfected yet or haven’t had the opportunity to learn, such as washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, or similar tasks. We have created a guide with some tips for everything from what to do if you get homesick to how to wash your clothes. Click here to read our tips.


8. Want to start training?

We hope you are settling nicely into your student accommodation. In a short walking distance you can find the Eika Sports center. At Eika we have group lessons, a large sports hall, a climbing arena, and a large area for personal training. Read more about the Eika Sports Center and our student offers here.


9. Purchasing syllabus materials and school supplies

Do you have an overview of which books you need for your course syllabi? We have our own bookshop on campus where you can find what you need for your courses and additional supplies for studying. Boksmia collaborates with lecturers and subject managers at NMBU, to ensure that all syllabus-required books are available at the right time.


Do you want to avoid queuing in the bookshop during the start of the semester? At SiÅs Boksmia you can order syllabus books.


Download the Akademika app

The boksmia bookstore is not an Akademika store, but we use the Akademika app so we can provide you with good deals. You get half price on every 5th book, and in addition, you get tons of deals on stationery and other useful things for your studies.


Welcome to Boksmia

You can find us alongside the duck pond “Andedammen» in the same building as the SiÅs housing office. Our address is:

Høyskoleveien 2, 1433 Ås


You can also find us using Mazemapp.


10. Where on campus can I find SiÅs canteens?

On campus you can find multiple places to eat organized by SiÅs. Click on the canteen or coffee bar below to see where it is located.

Bikuben canteen
Sørhellinga canteen
Realtek canteen

Hjerterommet coffee bar 

Where can I find a grocery store?

You won't find a grocery store on campus. The nearest grocery stores can be found in the center of Ås. There you will find both Kiwi, Rema 1000, and Coop.


11. Health services

The Health Center for youth and students collaborates with SiÅs and NMBU to provide free health services in sexual health, mental health, and lifestyle challenges. Here you can meet health nurses, sexologists, psychologists, doctors, and family therapists.

Click here to read more


At the Student Life Center you can find our student life coordinator Marit. Get in touch for questions about student life, including but not limited to well-being and belonging, opportunities and activities, and good routines, just to name a few. Click here to read more


How do I get a GP?

We recommend that you have a GP, otherwise known as a family doctor, near where you live. But if you want to keep your old GP, you can ask if your current doctor offers digital solutions.

Here you can change your GP. Select Viken as the county. You can choose both Ås and the nearest municipalities, including Nordre Follo (Ski and Oppegård) and Frogn (Drøbak).


Are there any dentists with a student discount?

Everyone between the ages of 21 and 24 gets a 75% discount on dental treatments at all public dental clinics.

If you are 20 years of age or younger, or 25 years of age or older, it pays to register as a member of the Student Association (SiÅs). Then you get a 35% discount at Vinterbro Tannlegesenter.


12. Get involved and get to know other students

There are countless social opportunities for every taste here at Ås. You can see an overview of all the teams and associations in the Thorvald og Tora booklet, and sign up where you think you might thrive best. Some associations have an application process, but many are open and non-binding. If you have any questions, contact marit.raaf@sias.no or drop by the Student Life Center.

read more here


13. Do you have any questions about SiÅ's services?

If you are unsure who to contact, you can contact us by email at postmottak@sias.no.

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