TV Channel overview at SiÅs:

Analogue channels
NRK 1K 8196,25 MHz
NRK 2K12224,25 MHz
NRK Super/NRK 3S14252,25 MHz
TV 2 K 5175,25 MHz
TVNS16266,25 MHz
TV 3S13245,25 MHz
CNNK 7189,25 MHz

It is possible to get extra channels by using a Riks-TV set top box, or a TV with a built-in Riks-TV tuner. Connect it to the existing antenna socket. 

On some TVs with built-in Riks-TV tuners, you might have to enter the frequencies manually.  

Riks-TV channels
Riks-TVS21306 MHz
Riks-TVS23322 MHz
Riks-TVS25338 MHz