These rules apply when conducting group training outside:

The trainings are run on Storebrand (the grass track) or Lillebrand (the dirt track).

In these times, of course, we have strict rules for the implementation of our trainings..

Here's what applies:

Number of participants: this will vary according to what is safe and appropriate at the set time. As of today a maximum of 20 people.
Registration: Made via ibooking (app or web). The booking opens 3 days before. Available to all members.
Attendance: at least 10 min before the training starts!

COVID-19 protection rules before and during the class:

- You must be symptom-free and healthy to participate

- Bring a towel, your own mat / sleeping mat 

- At least 1 meter distance between participants

- Individual equipment will be distributed at the time required

- There is no access to wardrobes and toilets

- No pinching, high five or touch between participants / instructor

We make sure that each participant gets their own marked space

We provide Antibac

We make sure all equipment is disinfected before the start of the class.

We make sure you get a safe and enjoyable training experience with Eika Sportssenter