It is a great pleasure to welcome you back to Eika Sports Center. We will open the center Thursday 25th of February at 09:00

Remember to book a trainingslot Booking climbing or Strenght/cardio

Wardrobes are open - limit on the number of people standing on the door.

Wear a face mask to and from exercise

Keep 2 meters when exercising - also for family / cohort

The center is open to residents in Ås municipality.

For all bookings, it is important that you arrive in the time that has been booked and be finished and out of the locker rooms before the time has passed. It is possible to book two sessions per day. If you want to book more, contact us at the reception.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has prepared an infection prevention supervisor, which we want you to familiarize yourself with before you come to training with us.  


The three main pillars of infection control are as follows:  

1. Customers and employees who have symptoms of covid-19 should stay home 

2. Good hand and cough hygiene, as well as enhanced cleaning  

3. Keep at least 1 meter distance and reduced contact between persons 


If you have any questions, we are ready to help you at or at the reception.