It is a great pleasure to welcome you back to us at Eika Sports Center. We will open the center again on Monday 15.06 at 12:00. Some things will be a little different and we must all take responsibility for good hand hygiene and distance from each other.  

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has prepared an infection prevention supervisor, which we want you to familiarize yourself with before you come to training with us.  


The three main pillars of infection control are as follows:  

1. Customers and employees who have symptoms of covid-19 should stay home 

2. Good hand and cough hygiene, as well as enhanced cleaning  

3. Keep at least 1 meter distance and reduced contact between persons 


Therefore, we want you to take the following steps when training with us:  

- Exercise when you are healthy. If you feel a little uncertain whether you are healthy, it is important that you stay home with regard to your training buddies. 

- Hand wash and disinfection. It is very important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when you are with us, and that you use hand disinfection on arrival.  

- Keep your distance. Follow the 1-meter rule and keep apart at the center. In the case of hard fitness and strength training, 2 meters distance must be observed.  

- Clean equipment. Clean equipment before and after use. Spray bottles and paper are available throughout the center. 


Other information: 

- Always stay abreast of our guidelines that will be visible around the center.  

- Therefore, due to increased cleaning requirements, you may find that the opening hours have changed somewhat. You can see the opening hours on our website.  

- You can exercise for a maximum of 1.5 hours at a time. This is to reduce the number of members who train at the same time.  

- The wardrobes will be open, but we recommend you change before you arrive, so that we avoid many members of the wardrobe at the same time. Remember to maintain the 1-meter rule in the wardrobe.  

- If you have symptoms of respiratory infection must stay home. We keep information about customers who have been training for 2 weeks, in order to carry out infection detection. 

- We do not allow pinch or hand greeting, and there should be no contact between staff / instructors / personal trainers and members.  

- We have switched off some of our appliances, so you can safely stay away from each other as you exercise.  

- We will offer some group lessons in June. 

If you have any questions, we are ready to help you at or at the reception.