District heating plant
Pentagon I and II, Pomona, Nye Skogveien, Utveien 6, Skoggården and Fougnerbakken 19 are connected to a district heating plant.

The plant is turned on all year round, but it is the temperature outside that determines how much heat is produced.
When the temperature outside drops, the system heats up the water, which circulates in the radiators.
It takes time for the water to be warm and the pipes and radiator provide heat.
Especially in Autumn, when the days are warm, you may find that the radiators are unable to provide enough heat to the rooms before the system switches off again.

To turn the radiator off or on; turn the knob/wheel on the radiator.
If you hear bubbling/clicking sounds in the radiator when it is on, there is air in the radiator.
Post a message to the caretaker on YOURPAGE, and he will come and air out the radiator.

Panel ovens
Kajaveien 15, Kaja student housing, old Skogveien, Rådhusplassen and Palisaden have electric panel ovens.

These have an on/off button and the heat is regulated with the thermostat.

Tips for a good indoor climate and energy/power saving
Always leave the air vents in the windows open.
Ventilate properly for about 10 minutes every day. Remember to turn off the heat when airing.
Leave the oven at about 12 degrees when you leave the house for a longer period in winter.
Sealed rooms without air supply will lead to mould, poor indoor climate and moisture damage.