Moving in

Key can be collected from SiÅs Bolig in Høyskoleveien 2 after 12.00 on the day the contract starts. If you need to pick up a key outside opening hours, send an email to

When you have moved in, you will find a check-list for moving in on Your Page at unialltid. The checklist must be completed no later than 1 week after moving in.



The tenancy cannot be terminated in the period 01.07-31.12. If you plan to move on 31 December, the contract must be terminated before 30 September.

Tenancy contracts with an expiry date beyond 31 December can be terminated with three months' notice from the 15th or last day of the month. Termination is done on Your Page at unialltid.


Moving out

You will receive a checklist for moving out on Your Page at unialltid well in advance of moving out. The checklist must be completed 14 days before the planned move.

Moving out must take place before 12.00 on the same day as the contract ends, unless otherwise agreed.

Before moving out, the room and the common area must be cleaned.

Arrange a cleaning control until the day you move out, no later than 1 week before moving out. Send email to Insufficient cleaning will be charged in accordance with the contract/general information with min. NOK NOK 1,000.

Remember to bring all belongings and empty the storage. SiÅs is not responsible for forgotten items.

Rent must be settled upon moving out.

Tenants who do not move out in accordance with the contract will be required to pay rent for an additional period of stay until the key is delivered, see tenancy contract.

NB. If you are moving outside of our opening hours, you can deliver the key in the letter slot in the door at the back of Smia, SiÅs Bolig, Høyskoleveien 2.