Deadline to apply for accommodation for students at NMBU is the first week in March and the first week in October each year.

You can see all SiÅs accommodation's and apply on unialltid

Submitted applications are active for 3 months. After 3 months, you must log in and extend the application for a new period.


New international students can apply as soon as they are accepted as students at NMBU. Please see New at NMBU.


What to remember when you apply for accommodation: 

  • Semester fee must be paid, or your application will not be processed (Applies only to students already admitted to NMBU - not new students)

  • Enter study credits achieved on the exam at nmbu at the time of your application (does not apply to new students who have not yet completed courses at NMBU, they have 0 credits )

  • SiÅs has a limited number of homes for families, couples and people in need of adapted housing. Please contact us as early as possible: Remember to set up any cohabitants and the number of children in your user profile and application.

  • Your study plan must be up to date. More information about this can be found on StudentWeb. Otherwise, please contact your study supervisor. (Applies only to students already admitted to NMBU - not new students).

  • When you are offered a tenancy contract, you will receive an e-mail and notification on unialltid, with a deadline to sign within 48 hours. Contracts not signed within 48 hours will be cancelled. 

If you have any questions, please contact SiÅs Bolig on