Welcome to SiÅs guest accommodation

Address: Utveien 6, 1433 Ås

Postal address: You can receive mail in a mailbox at the student post office on campus. Contact SiÅs Bolig for address and key to mailbox.


  • after 14pm
  • key can be collected at SiÅ's Housing in Smia; Høyskoleveien 2, 1433 Ås
  • our opening hours are Monday - Friday, 10-15
  • on arrival after kl. 15 - please contact utleie@sias.no for a key collection agreement


  • before 10am
  • please deliver key in the letter opening in the back door of SiÅs Bolig
  • remember to bring all belongings (SiÅs is not responsible for any remedies)
  • please empty the fridge and freezer

Hope you have had a pleasant stay - welcome back!