Rent - Deposit - Bills
SiÅs do not require a deposit. Rent is billed in advance and is due to be paid on the first of each month. The bill for your rent is published on "din side" (your page) on Boligtorget and can be paid either by bank transfer or by card. If you want to use online banking, we recommend setting up an eFaktura.  

Reminders, debt collection and eviction. 
If you default on your rent payment, you will be issued with a reminder of your bill before the matter is sent to a debt collection agency. Fees will be incurred. These and all interest payment due is charged to the tenant. 

In cases of eviction, a court fee will be added to the debts that the tenant must pay. 

Giving notice. 
The standard agreement is time-limited to the expiration date as defined. There is no need to terminate the contract if you are moving on when it ends. With certain limitations, the lease can be terminated, according to the contract point § 4(4).

Tenants cannot assume that they can shorten their notice period unless SiÅs has a waiting list of students who need accommodation. The agreement can be found on "din side" (your page) on Boligtorget. 

Moving out
Students must move out before 12.00 noon on the day the tenancy agreement expires. Tenants who don't move out according to their agreement will be charged rent for the extra time until the key is delivered back. Check the agreement for details. 

Ordering electricity
Where electricity is not included in the rent, the tenant is responsible for ordering and cancelling their electricity. See:


Parking at student accommodation

SiÅs Bolig has parking spaces for students in Skogveien, Utveien 6, Kajaveien 15, Pomona, Pentagon (south of Mølla) and Palisaden.

  • Students who own their own car must send an email to: with details of the car's registration number.

  • Electronic parking permits are valid as soon as email confirmation is received.

  • Only one car per student will be granted a parking permit.

  • Parking without a permit will result in a fine. It is only allowed to park in marked and signposted areas.

  • Residents of Skogveien can sign up to a list for an allocated parking space with a power socket for motor heaters.      


Guest parking

Guest parking is available at Palisaden and on Skogveien. Payment is made by SMS. Check the information signs by the parking places. 


Bicycle parking

We kindly ask that bicycles are parked in areas marked for bicycle parking. 

Checklist - moving in
The tenant must fill in a "sjekkliste for innflytting" (moving in checklist) one week after moving in at the latest. The checklist can be found on "din side" (your page) on Boligtorget. 

Checklist - moving out
The tenant must fill in a "sjekkliste for utflytting" (moving out checklist) 14 days after moving out at the latest. The checklist can be found on "Din Side" (your page) på Boligtorget.

SiÅs will carry out cleaning of the common areas of the apartments in September, November, January and April. If insufficient cleaning elsewhere is carried out during and after tenancy, cleaning fees will be charged. A moving out inspection should be booked one week before departure. Email to: Student rooms and common areas must be cleaned, including cupboards and cabinets, appliances and store-room. For more guidance, see "Cleaning" on


  • Lost key – accommodation: kr. 300,-

  • Lost key – post box: kr. 200,-

  • Cleaning, single room: min. kr. 1000,-

  • Cleaning, double room: min. kr. 2000,-

  • Cleaning, apartment: min. 2000,-

  • Cleaning, common areas: min. kr. 1000,- per person.

  • Dogs: kr. 150,- per month.

  • Motor warmer – key: deposit. kr. 300,-

  • Motor warmer – electricity: kr. 500,- per year.

  • Changeover fee: kr. 500,-

  • Re-mounting of fire / smoke alarms: kr 500,-

Smoking – illegal substances
Smoking is not allowed in SiÅs accommodation, either in rooms, apartments or public areas including verandas. Use, possission and dealing of narcotic substances is not accepted in or anywhere in the vicinity of SiÅs buildings. Anyone found in violation of these rules will have their tenancy agreement cancelled and will also be reported to the police.  

Fire alarm systems
Tenants must familiarise themselves with the fire alarm equipment provided. Tenants responsible for false alarms which have to be cancelled must cover any resulting costs. It is forbidden to take down or disassemble any of the fire alarm systems. Unauthorised disassembly is considered vandalism and may have consequences for the tenancy agreement.  

Escalation – damage, problems and missing items. 

  • Damage which might have a serious negative impact on the building, apartment or room must be escalated to SiÅs immediately.

  • If there is any risk of pests (bedbugs, cockroaches) from your luggage or furniture, your possessions will be quarantined by SiÅs before moving in. Lack of prevention or control by the tenant may result in a claim for compensation from SiÅs.

  • Other problems, defects or missing items shall be reported via "Feilmelding" (report a problem) on "Din side" (your page) on Boligtorget.