Fuse boxes in Pentagon

Kringla - basement: 
Fuseboxes in the corridors for apartments and double rooms. 

Kringla - 1. Etg:
Fuse box in K107-112, K119-124, K131-136, K137-142
Rooms K101-106 have fuse boxes in K107-112

Double rooms K114, K116, K118 have fuse boxes in K119-124
Double rooms K126, K128, K130 have fuse boxes in K131-136

Kringla - 2nd floor:
Fuse boxes in K207-212, K219-224, K231-236, K237-242
Rooms K201-206 have fuse boxes in K207-212
Double Rooms K214, K216, K218 
have fuse boxes in K219-224
Double Rooms K226, K228, K228 have fuse boxes in K231-236

Løa - basement:
Fuse boxes in the corridors for apartments and double rooms. 

Løa - 1st floor:
Fuseboxes in L101-106, L113-118 and L119-124.
Double rooms L108, 110, L 112 have fuse boxes in L 101-106

Løa - 2nd floor:
Fuseboxes in L201-206, L213-218 og L219-224.
Double rooms 
L208, L210, L212 have fuse boxes in L 201-206


All fuse boxes are mounted in the corridors on all floors:
Basement.     1 fuse box.
1st floor.         2 fuse boxes.
2nd floor.        2 fuse boxes.
3rd floor.         2 fuse boxes.
4th floor.         2 fuse boxes.