The University foundation for student life in Ås (SiÅs) has around 500 rooms, mostly in the Pentagon, for new students at NMBU. Accommodation is allocated continuously from 01.05.2018. Contracts run from 01.07.2018. If the accommodation you have applied for is not available, we will review your application and allocate alternative accommodation. Once accommodation is allocated, you will receive notification that your rental agreement is ready to be signed on "Din Side" (your page) on Boligtorget.

The rental agreements can be signed digitally by bank ID, or you can print, sign, scan and upload it to Boligtorget. The deadline for signing is 48 hours after receiving the notification and contract. If a contract is not signed within the deadline, the offer is canceled.

If you didn't receive a study place at NMBU, let us know by

You will have to pay rent until the accommodation is awarded to a new student - a minimum of 1 month's rent.


Rent is payable from the start of the contract. The bill can be found on Din Side on Boligtorget.

You will be notified when the first rent payment is due.

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Contract and and overview of housing, regulations and rules of residency can be found here.