What does Bomiljøutvalget do?
Bomiljøutvalget is a means of communication between tenants and SiÅs.  Bomiljøutvalget meets roughly twice per semester.  Bomiljøutvalget makes proposals for projects to the "Oppussingsutvalget" (upkeep committee). Complaints about living conditions should be proposed to Bomiljøutvalget via representatives or the SiÅs. These might be complaints about noise from neighbours, about dogs, smoking or likewise. SiÅs will try to resolve any complaints before they are escalated to Bomiljøutvalget. 

What are the tenant representatives responsible for? 

Tenant representatives act as advocates and points of contact. Their contact details should be easy to find, and they should be available to tenants in their residential area. Ahead of the meetings, representatives should contact other tenants via meetings, email or knocking on doors to get input. SiÅs can assist with sending out emails. Representatives have contact with the manager for their residential area. It is desirable that representatives remain in post as long as possible. 

What is the welfare manager responsible for? 
The welfare manager calls the Bomiljøutvalget meetings, sets the agenda and encourages members to bring issues. The Welfare manager chairs the meetings in BMU and writes the minutes. The welfare manager ensures the best possible participation by contacting the block leaders in Pentagon and the residents in advance. The welfare manager prepares a "pack" for new members, with minutes from the previous meeting and a handbook for the bomiljøutvalget. 

What is SiÅs's boligdirectør (director of accommodation) responsible for?  
Sias's Boligdirektør is the representatives' contact person in SiÅs. He or she will participate in dialogue with the representatives about problems and challenges. He or she will contribute to the agenda, and will inform and update on any ongoing or planned renovations. He or she will communicate directly with block leaders in each residential area. He or she ensures that representatives recieve laminated information sheets with contact information which can be posted in each residential area. 

How do I join the Bomiljøutvalget?
The block leader in Pentagon represent the student groups: Foreningen Hunkattens kollektiv, Hankattforeningen st. 1902 sitt kollektiv and Sangkoret Lærkens kollektiv. Representatives from Pomona, Palisaden, Skogveien, Kajaveien 15, Kaja studentboliger, Rådhusplassen, Fougnerbakken and Utveien 6 can be on the Bomiljøutvalget as long as they wish, but for a minimum of one year. Representatives must find their own successor, but can get helf from the welfare manager. 

Who sits on Bomiljøutvalget?
The welfare officer in the Studentstyret (leader and secretary) • SiÅs's Bolig directør (director of accommodation) • SiÅs's Driftssjef  (operations manager) Block leaders from Pentagon (Hankattloftet, Hunkattloftet and Bohemen) • Representatives from Palisaden 1, Palisaden 2, Pomona, Skogveien, Kaja studentboliger, Utveien, Fougnerbakken, Rådhusplassen  • welfare manager from ISU. 

The block leaders from Pentagon are:
  • Block leader for blocks KLM; from Sangkoret Lærken .
  • Block leader from Foreningen Hunnkatten for blocks IGH; tlf. 64 97 78 98. 
  • Block leader from Hankattforeningen st. 1902 for blocks ABCJ; Tlf. 64 97 20 28. 

Point of contact i SiÅs:

Boligdirektør (Director of accommodation) - Pål Magnus Løken, email: pml@sias.no
Tlf. 64 96 63 14.