Freezing of membership

Freezing is a temporary pause of membership. Members do not pay their membership fees during a period when membership is frozen, and neither they nor guests can use the facilities during this time. Eika Sports Centre may grant a freeze under the following circumstances: Illnesses with more than 1 month duration; pregnancy; temporary posting elsewhere in connection with studies, jobs or military service. Documentation must be submitted. In addition, all members whose membership has exceeded the initial binding period has the possibility to freeze their membership for up to 2 months (continuous) per calendar year. Freezing of membership agreed and approved in advance, and documentation must comply with the application. The freeze is carried out at an agreed start and end date. Membership cannot be frozen retrospectively. Please note that membership can not be terminated during a frozen period.


To terminate membership, please send notice by e-mail to The notice period lasts or one month, and starts on the first of the month after the notification of termination is received. The membership is active throughout the notice period. Written confirmation of registered termination, along with with information about the final payment training date will be sent within 14 days.