Please see information about SiÅs opening hours and whom to contact if you have questions or need help.

Our housing consultants, maintenance team and caretakers are
still at work and continue to have the usual opening hours.
The students post office maintains its regular opening hours.

SiÅs phone number: 64 96 63 00. E-mail:

The Health Station for Youths and Students can be reached on
64 96 22 40 or for phone consultations. Contact-hours for arranging your appointment:  
Mon: 08.15 -11.00, Tue-Fri: 08.15-11.00 and 13.00 -15.00

For health questions regarding corona: Ås municipality ,
call 64962060

Information regarding your study-situation: NMBU, phone 46744625. Keep yourself updated at

For further questions, you can contact SiÅs student-life coordinator on 90 26 49 18 or