Tenants are obliged to respect each other, and to contribute towards good community spirit. 

Tenants are expected to treat the buildings and internal fixtures with care. 

Insurance against theft, fire and so on must be taken out by each individual tenant for any valuables the tenant brings to the accommodation.  SiÅs has standard owner's insurance. This does not cover theft or damage to items stored in the accommodation. 


The tenant is responsible for cleaning and upkeep of their own accommodation. The tenant, together with flat-mates, are responsible to keep common areas clean and tidy. Rubbish should be emptied daily, and each tenant must keep their share of the cooker, fridge and freezer clean and tidy. Washbasins should be used. 


Storerooms associated to the accommodation will be marked with name and number. Storerooms should be kept tidy, and must be cleared out when moving out. 


All rubbish shall be packed properly before being placed in the designated area. Regulations about sorting of rubbish and rubbish containers must be followed. 


It is not permitted to dry or beat clothes or other textiles from a window, or on a balcony or veranda. 


Hanging up of pictures and similar should be done in accordance with the rules. This also applies to common areas, stairwells and likewise. Adverts can only be put up in approved areas. 


It is not permitted to keep pets in the properties. You can apply to keep a dog in some of SiÅs's properties. Applications to be made in writing. 


Tenants are responsible for changing batteries in smoke detectors and check that they are working and in good condition. Fire hoses must not be moved.  


It is not permitted to connect motor warmers, camping vans or similar to power outlets in student accommodation. 


Timers should be connected to all electrical kitchen equipment such as coffee machines, kettles, rice cookers and similar. Timers can be bought at SiÅs Bolig. Electrical equipment without timers can be removed by SiÅs. 


In furnished single / double rooms and apartments it is not permitted to bring your own dishwasher, washing machine, cooker, fridge or other similar equipment. In unfurninshed double rooms and apartments, such equipment can only be connected in designated spaces. It is not permitted to make changes to any permanent installations in the property (including paint), or to remove or replace furniture without permission from the landlord. 


The fridge and freezer must be defrosted when needed. Don't use sharp objects, as it can damage the freezer. The same applies to the cleaning of ovens. 


The tenant will be held financially accountable for any damages resulting from negligence.  


SiÅs will only take responsibilty for storing possessions delivered with a receipt. 


Tenants must respect others' need for peace and quiet. Each individual tenant is responsible for their guests in their room, common areas and in the accommodation in general. If the tenant can't keep their guests under control, it is their duty to ask for help.   


Stairwells and basement rooms must be kept tidy at all times. Bicycles, prams, skis and the like should only be stored in designated areas. 


Only short-term visitors are allowed in the accommodation. Tenants must be present during the visit. 


The landlord has the right to inspect all rooms. Inspections like this should be agreed in advance. In exceptional circumstances, an inspection may be carried out without notice. The landlord can access the property without advance notice to carry out technical inspections, essential repairs and maintenance. The landlord will inform tenants in advance as far as it practically possible.    


The landlord has the right, without prior notice, to remove any objects that may pose a risk or danger to other tenants or other properties.